IT No More a Holy Cow: CSI

Computers and Information Technology is looked upon as Holy Cow till now. This has to be stopped. We have to check returns on each and every dollar (rupee) now on. Computer Society of India (CSI) is looking in that direction now, said the chairman of CSI and executive director and chief financial officer of TCS S Mahalingam.

The national convention of CSI started from Thursday in Pune. The theme for the convention is Technology Led Inclusive Growth. Speaking on the sidelines of this convention, Mahalingam said CSI is in the process of revamping the publications. The organisation, founded in 1965 was thrown to sidelines for last two decades. But the time has come to mend the fences. He clearly appreciated that the thought of auditing investment and returns have come in the wake of present downturn, though the Indian economy is almost recovered.

“Till now, everybody asked for money under the name of IT.  There was less strictness in the utilisation of the money we put in the IT sector. One reason for this was the money coming was big enough to compensate the expenditure. We are going to launch a publication which will regularly audit the industry,” he said. In fact, the seriousness of the issue can be gauged by the fact that a separate discussion session was held in the day on the same subject.

The Incubation Centres

Mahalingam said CSI feels even as India has taken centrestage in the IT revolution, still much of solution systems are imported. The need for the industry is to create own solutions. “Days when we imported the solution system from outside and give it Indian form are over. To be cost effective, we have to find our own solutions,” he said. For that, India should become a innovation hub, like Silicon Valley and there should be clusters of innovation.

“We have some pockets only in the form of IITs, especially IIT Mumbai. There are institutions but they do not give any product,” he said. Pointing to Dr. Ramkrishnan, who won Nobel award just yesterday, he pointed out that the scientist was not a product of any IIT. “What we expect is encouragement given to the researchers by academics. But this is a larger issue and we are not going into it,” he said.


Agenda For CSI

CSI convention is inaugurated today by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, eminent scientist and in the presence of Dr. Ganesh Natarjan, former chief of NASCOM and Global CEO of Zensar, Anant Jhingram, VP & CTO, IBM and Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. The agenda for two days include discussions on Cloud Computing, E-Governance, Web 2.0 and Opportunities in Enterprise etc.


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