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IT professionals are coming forward to the construction of a new ISKCON temple in Pune.

They are from different companies and different backgrounds. Even their credentials does not seem in tune with their inclinations. But some 300 Information Technology professionals have come forward to contribute to what they call their spiritual cause. These IT professionals are coming forward to the construction of a new ISKCON temple in Pune.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) movement is constructing a new temple at Katraj-Kondhwa road. While the religious organisation is trying to collect the money for the same through various projects, it has tapped a new and different genre : the college students and IT professionals. These people are not only contributing by monetary means but also giving different types of services without discarding their professional duties.

According to the claims of the organisation, some 300 people are helping in the temple construction project while the ISKCON centre in Camp has regular 150 attendees from the IT field. Pune Mirror managed to talk a group of the professionals.

Amol Katkar, development manager in Symatec Systems, said « The spiritual inclination and practise is rather helping us to do well in the professional life. Instead of wasting our time on partying or going to cinema, we devote that time to meditation. As Arjun was a good warrior and Krishna tought him to be same, we can also be good professionals through the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita. »

Incidentally, as a unique drive, ISKCON Pune centre runs several programs foucussing on students and professionals. According to Chaitanya Charan Das, spokesman of the organisation, the centre conducts seminars and courses in IIT Kharagpur as well as other higher education institutes. Students from these institutes are attached to Pune centre which is a reason behind the contributors. Chandru Amarnani, Project Manager, Tech Mahindra, said, « Even our senior accept that being spiritual helps bettering our performance. Therefore they are also advocating conducting seminars and discourses for others in the industry. » Uday Saundhankar and his wife not only gave their one month salary each for the construction but also pursued other to do tha same which helped to collect Rs 5 lakhs in donation. »

As these professionals profess their devotion to their belief, they also try to spread it, even enduring taunts from others. Nitin Lavhe, Senior Engineer, Patni Coputer Systems said, « Yes, others who are not exposed to the spirituality do make fun of us at times. But ultimately, they have to admit the way we are so it never becomes an issue. »

These professionals also ridiculed the idea of leaving their professional duties for the sake of the spiritual calling. « Instead, we are prepared to bear the stress and tension associated with our profession on account of this, » was their definite response.

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