No Threat to IT, We are Good Managers

“No, we are not afraid of losing our business to some Asian countries. It is not about knowing English alone. The secret lies in the pool of managerial level talent,” a confident Mohandas Pai, director, HR and member of board of Infosys was saying before a modest gathering of mediamen today in Pune. Addressing a press conference, he also elaborated various plans of company. Pai even refuted the talk that there is slowdown in the IT industry in the country.

When asked that some Asian countries like Vietnam and China are eating up the share of business for Indian IT companies, Pai said, “We have the best talents here. We have 5 million middle level management people working in various industries here. Only knowing English is not enough. The managerial skill of Indian employees, whose mean age is 26 years, now is unmatched. Owing to the colonial past of India, there is some cultural affinity with client countries. It will be exaggerated to say that only because of cheap manpower, the business will go there.”

Even though Pai admitted that there is a threat of lagging behind, the situation is quite satisfactory. “This talk of losing business was what we hear for 15 years. But we are marching ahead. This thing is discussed because it is a fact that Indians are quite bad at managing there successes. But things have changed now,” he said.

And about talent pool, we had statistics: There are 2 million software professionals in the country who are working for other countries (their business comes from overseas clients.) There are 80,000 chip designers. Even so, Indian companies have started to induct foreign people because as Pai put it, “We are dealing with international companies.” As a result, Bangalore has 15,000 software professionals who are expatriates compared to 68,000 professionals overall. Infy employs 1000 people in China, 1500 people in Eastern Europe and 500 people in Australia. Pai said, “Indian companies are doing business in Germany. Market in France has just opened and in Japan it is opening.” 

To know more, watch our video interviews of Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys CEO :

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