The state of the Indian datacenter market

Symantec today released its State of Data Centre in India for the year 2010. The study was conducted in 178 companies which is one tenth number of companies surveyed by the company worldwide.

Two most important findings of the study are that more and more mid-sized companies (having staff capacity of 2000 to 9,999) are opting for more technologies like cloud computing. Another finding is that one third of disaster recovery plans are undocumented. Most of the companies do not take components like cloud computing and virtual servers into consideration and most importantly, one third of the companies have not evaluated their disaster recovery plans in the last 12 years.

Darshan Joshi, vice president, Storage and Availability Engineering Group at Symantec India today briefed about the study. According to the report, Captive data centre market will only grow at 16 % annually while third party data centre market is expected to grow at 35% over next two years.

Main points in the findings are:
・    mid-sized enterprises are leading in adopting new technologies.
・    76% of Indian enterprises are interested in private cloud computing. (According to Joshi, two main hindrance in the public cloud computing is that of bandwidth availability and second is security concerns.) 61% of the companies are interested in  private cloud computing to reduce the capital costs.
・    72% of enterprises believe that  private cloud computing is to grow in 2010 while 64% see growth in  public cloud computing in 2010.
・    Half of all enterprises are somewhat to extremely understaffed. Those most understaffed include networking, virtualization and storage management enterprises.
・    79% have the same or more open job requisitions this year. Budget is found to be the key reason for understaffing.

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