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IBM To Partner With Five NGOs In Pune Corporate Service Corps

Nine IBM professionals from around the world will come to Pune to work on projects of five different NGOs. The company today announced the successful completion of the first phase of its Corporate Service Corps initiatives in Pune for the year 2010. Besides Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore are among the 17 cities around the world hosting the first phase of IBM’s ambitious program this year.

IBM Corporate Services Corp (CSC) involves its employees working into emerging and developing countries to address core societal, educational and environmental challenges. Between February and May this year, 30 CSC participants from around the world are arriving in India to work on a number of key socio-economic development projects. In Pune, these IBM professionals are working closely with organizations like Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA)Teach For India,ChaitanyaFilm & TV Institute of India (FTII) and Software Institute for Rural Development (SIRD) to implement a variety of developmental projects.

The projects in Pune attracted IBMers from Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Australia, USA, Canada and Japan. These are among the 30 global professionals who were selected for project. The project which they are going to work on include:

  • Development of basic architectural design for a web-based Distance Learning Method (DLM) to be offered through YASHADA, the administrative training institute of the Government of Maharashtra, for expanding the reach and coverage of training.
  • Development of a strategy and related action plan to assist Teach For India in expanding to all major Indian cities and related rural areas.
  • Development of a marketing strategy to help Chaitanya, one of the pioneers of self-help group movement in Maharashtra, improve its visibility beyond the Indian development sector.
  • Designing a solution that will help FTII with scheduling of academic resources, manage as well as track assets and inventory in the sound department and eventually to be replicated across all departments.
  • Help with the design and architecture development of SIRD’s rural banking software and related bank management information system capabilities

In 2009, IBM’s CSC program saw 430 of IBM’s future leaders from 44 countries being selected for similar international assignments. Last year India hosted 40 IBM professionals from 19 countries to work with 11 different NGOs and not-for-profit government organizations in Mumbai and Ahmedabad while 100 IBM India employees travelled to five emerging markets.

IBM Corporate Service Corps is the corporate version of the Peace Corps. IBM has committed to enable 1500 of its emerging leaders to participate in the CSC program through 2011. More than 15,000 employees have applied to the program so far and about 1000 employees have been selected. BM announced the first wave of 100 IBMers representing 33 countries in 2008. 20 out of 100 IBMers representing India were selected for specific projects in Ghana, Philippines, Romania, Tanzania, Vietnam and Turkey. IBM spends $150 million annually on CSR initiatives worldwide and is in constant lookout for new areas, where a difference can be made.